Mish Guru


Mish Guru is an emerging global leader in the provision of content management and analytics software for social media platforms.


Mish Guru offers a SaaS-based dashboard that makes it easy to track critical user engagement with analytics, and helps streamline effective marketing content for businesses running social media campaigns. In particular, Mish Guru helps to build customer awareness for brands with key exposure to the millennial audience through Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

Since 2016, Story posts have increased by 842% across social media channels and expected to surpass newsfeed as the primary way people share and consume content (Chris Cox, CPO Facebook). Stories are challenging – mobile only, limited data, can’t schedule content, and difficult to scale audience engagement. However, Mish Guru’s unique platform offers content management and publishing, account insights, follower engagement, and brand protection.

Established in 2014, the company has built an international presence with offices located in New Zealand, Europe, and the US.

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