Global From Day One Fund is a Venture Capital firm that invests in high-growth technology companies (B2B Enterprise Software and Internet) originating from New Zealand and Taiwan.

New Zealand now has a generation of under the radar software & hardware startups that, with the right capital and market presence, could become global leaders worth over a billion dollars, creating tens of thousands of high value jobs around the country and driving economic transformation.

We invest at the expansion stage, in Pre-A and Series A level companies earning revenues of US$1-5m, the majority of which are generated in large offshore markets.

Our seasoned investment team dedicates their expertise, resources and relevant networks to help companies scale internationally, maximising value, and actively positioning for strategic exits.

Global Presence

The companies we invest in are truly “Global from Day One” in outlook, and we help them fund and accelerate market entry and expansion. Our Fund II portfolio operate out of offices in the US, Europe and Asia, with over 80% of their revenue outside their home market and a product based global competitive advantage.


Our companies have some of the largest and most innovative global brands as customers