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Mish Guru is an emerging global leader in the provision of content management and analytics software for social media platforms.

Since 2014 they’ve been helping the worlds best brands to tell their Story. Because Mish Guru believe better Stories equals stronger brands.

While the team may have started Mish surrounded by sheep and hobbits down in lil’ ole New Zealand, they quickly spread their wings across the globe. The legends on the Mish team now span New York, Berlin, Sydney, Auckland and Christchurch.

They are the #1 Marketing Platform for Instagram and Snapchat Stories.

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APIMatic is a developer experience platform for web APIs. Our mission is to make developers productive through automatic code generation.

APIMatic has come a long way since inception. Having started with only generating SDKs, APIMatic now provides solutions in other areas of developer experience as well. Presently, APIMatic is used by numerous organizations around the world to create and store definitions of their APIs, generate SDKs for their APIs for 10 platforms, keep these SDKs in sync with API updates, convert API descriptions into multiple formats (Swagger, API Blueprint, RAML etc.) and generate beautiful documentation for their APIs and SDKs.

In short, APIMatic helps companies create beautiful API documentation and an enhanced developer experience.

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The 3D Augmented Reality coloring book technology, originally called colAR, was developed at the HIT Lab NZ, and after receiving overwhelming positive feedback and awards at conferences around the world, QuiverVision (originally called Puteko Limited) was founded to commercialize the technology.

QuiverVision is driving innovation in practical application of AR by the world’s leading brands. They specialise in leading edge coloring technology – their premier App is called “Quiver” and is available on both iOS and Android.

QuiverVision’s mission is to provide high quality augmented reality experiences that merge physical playtime with astonishing 3D graphics and digital technologies. To produce educational content that supports learning in fun and stimulating ways. To supply brands looking to add digital flair to their marketing campaigns with exciting solutions.

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Lanaco (previously Texus) develops and manufactures high performing, multi-functional filter media using natural wool as the key ingredient for a vast range of air filtration applications. Their highly versatile technology platform means their air filters can be tailored and customized to suit your needs, enabling you to have healthier, safer air.

Lanaco has created the Helix™ Filter, the world’s most breathable, multi-functional air filter designed to capture harmful particulate matter that harnesses the unique properties of New Zealand wool.

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BioLumic designs products that increase returns for high volume vegetable and algae growers through manipulating exposure to doses of UV light – optimising plant growth for effects such as yield, disease control, colour and flavour.

Increasing yields sustainably is what drives the team at BioLumic. Their technology uses a ground-breaking culmination of photobiology, engineering and data science. They have a team of plant scientists, agronomists, engineers and data scientists based in the United States and New Zealand working every day to maximise the power of UV.

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Footfalls and Heartbeats are commercialising a proprietary process that allows textiles to perform sensory functions with applications in health, athletics and composites.

Footfalls & Heartbeats have developed a revolutionary manufacturing process that allows the control and manipulation of both yarn-to-yarn interaction and the movement of micro-mechanical structures that form the basics of knitted fabrics. Founded by New Zealand chemist Simon McMaster, who brings many years’ experience researching intelligent textiles, the Footfalls & Heartbeats technology combines mathematically determined textile structures using electrically conductive yarn to form a repeatable and sensitive sensor network.

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HydrOxSys was formed to commercialise a novel Thin Film Composite (TFC) flat membrane filtration technology for use in Reverse Osmosis and Forward Osmosis applications.

Hydroxsys has created a world-first form of membrane filtration by applying innovative technology and exclusive processes to inexpensive materials.

Their ground-breaking new generation of membrane, using proprietary treated polyethylene, is disrupting the global multi-billion dollar membrane filtration and osmotic sector by decreasing costs, increasing efficiency and extending life cycles of treatment systems.

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RipeTime arose from the vision of a cost-efficient technology which would be used for ultra-high sensitivity measurements of fresh produce quality. This technology would lead the charge in being a proactive countermeasure against the global food waste problem.

To date, RipeTime have successfully executed early-stage trials on kiwifruit with SEEKA Kiwifruit Industries Limited, and apples with New Zealand produce giant, Turners and Growers Global Limited. Additionally, RipeTime has commenced first-stage testing on stone fruit at Melbourne based Cutrifruit, and conducted some in-house testing on New Zealand produced cherries in amongst other exciting industry partnerships.

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It is Humble Bee’s mission to replace existing, toxic and unsustainable plastics with superior, biologically-inspired materials to improve human health and that of the environment.

They want to take plastics pollution out of the realm of individual responsibility and replace the materials that are used by industry when creating consumer products.

Humble Bee is creating a clear link between an environmental problem and a major market opportunity.

The SIN (Substitute it Now!) List is a globally used database of chemicals that are in the process of being banned or restricted due to the proven harm they cause. Humble Bee aims to alleviate the market pain of getting ahead of compliance, whilst maintaining product performance.

The team at Humble Bee know that helping humanity create sustainably is a multi-billion dollar opportunity and they are proud to be combining purpose with profit to the benefit of earth’s health, and that of its inhabitants.

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The software platform that enables you to build lifelong customer loyalty through personalised customer service.

We can detect when a customer enters your store, and alert staff with a notification. We automatically deliver insights to staff’s devices, at just the right time. From traditional points-based loyalty schemes all the way to behaviour-based rewards and experiences. Start a whole new membership programme, or transition to our flexible, modern platform.

Aura captures data in real time from many sources to build a better understanding of your customers. From preferences and feedback to social media and reviews. Measure results and understand customer behaviour in real time.

You can watch in real time as customers interact with your business. Use reporting, insights and communication to improve your relationship with customers. Integrate Aura functionality straight into your mobile app, or use our simple white-labeled app. Customisation services available for white-labeled apps.

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Object Acuity

The aim of vision screening is to identify amblyopia (lazy eye) and vision loss. Identifying vision problems as early possible is important because undetected vision problems can reduce school achievement, harm the development of hand-eye coordination and lead to a lifelong reduction in vision.

Objective Acuity (“OAL”) is developing the first objective vision screening test based on visual acuity for children under the age of 5. Currently, vision disorders is the most prevalent, disabling condition among children. More specifically, amblyopia (lazy eye) is the main cause of preventable vision loss in children.

Studies suggest that a child cannot fully understand, and therefore cannot effectively undertake, a visual acuity test until they are 5 or 6 years old. However, if a child waits until this age, or later, then amblyopia and other vision impairments are significantly harder to treat and related learning difficulties can develop. Regular vision screening assessments in early childhood reduce this risk by more than 50%. However, inefficiencies in current testing methods limit a child’s access to accurate screening and subsequent treatment.

Object Acuity helps solve this problem by developing the first portable and objective vision screening test for children based on visual acuity.

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Swing Profile

Swing Profile was invented by Dr. Zeke Chan, PhD, MBA, ME, BMus, BE.

Swing Profile instantly extracts swing sequence from live video, it works on mobile phones and is convenient for golfers to analyze their swings anytime and anywhere.

In Jan 2012, the prototype of “Swing Profile” was presented at the PGA Show. The crowd was amazed and Swing Profile subsequently won the “Best Overall Product” and “Best Market Research” award.

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Chat Real

Formerly Jellagram, Chat Real Ltd is a photo messaging app where photos are the message.

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Mobotech produce micro-forklifts (Mobots) that improve productivity, efficiency and safety – initially in the manufacturing, logistics and transport industries. Mobots fill the gap between the ubiquitous handbarrow and forklift.


Mohio provides an intuitive and cost effective visualisation framework, which allows organisations to navigate, explore and understand their information and knowledge spaces in Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive & Box in an easy-to-use interface, similar to a mind map.


Travelmob provides mobile booking apps for hotel chains. Originally designed for a consumer-facing app (Stay Today), Travelmob is now offering their technology to hotel chains as a B2B service.


GlassJar is building software solutions to help groups manage expense accounts for shared payments. GlassJar was accepted into YCombinator before ending operations in mid-2016.

Upside Biotechnologies

Upside Biotechnologies was spun out of the University of Auckland, where its innovative technology was first developed in professor Rod Dunbar’s laboratory.

Upside is developing the most advanced and best treatment for severe burns. The Upside product is a regenerative medicine solution to current shortcomings in the current treatment of severe burns patients. Upside will take a small sample of unburnt patient skin and grow it into differentiated, graftable skin in order to cover the patient’s own burns.

Product advantages are that Upside’s engineered skin is produced faster than any competitive pipeline product, it is supplied in bigger sheets and has good handling characteristics. Upside has intellectual property covering the processes conferring these specific advantages.

Wireless Guard

Building products to keep your home secure.