Qotient facilitates best practice sales propositions, providing efficiency and effectiveness with all interactions.


Cloud based sales acceleration intelligence platform that enables, delivers, scales, measures and tracks the success of sales conversations. Most Enterprise sales people individually create and deliver unique sales conversations every time they interact with a prospect/customer, which often translates into suboptimal results. Qotient’s easy-to-use software helps deliver “first class” sales propositions efficiently and lifts sale effectiveness in all interactions. Management can gain real-time knowledge about how the various sales conversations and propositions are resonating, who is being talked to, the next steps, and what propositions are working. According to Inside Sales.com, the Sales Acceleration Market is valued at US$13 billion. Existing competitors typically focus on presentation resources or background and contextual information. Qotient offers a differentiated solution, focusing on the sales conversation and the value added to that interaction, delivering better conversations that resonate and helps build critical customer relationships.

Founded in 2013, the Qotient has been validated through Extreme Networks, the first major Enterprise wide customer with 4,000+ users, out of numerous pilot programmes in place with other major prospective US Enterprise customers. Partnership agreements are also in place with world leading marketing automation platforms (including Marketo and Redzone Sales), which materially scales distribution capabilities and exposure.

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