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Akubic is a pioneer in water sensor technology, revolutionising the way companies analyse water through providing convenience and affordability to water sensing.


Akubic was the first-place winner in the 2016 Fishackathon. Utilising patented electrochemical technology and proprietary algorithms, Akubic has developed a water quality monitoring/reporting lean hardware + software solution for the aquaculture industry.

Akubic is able to detect key parameters for aquaculture applications in real time, at only a fifth of the cost of currently deployed solutions. Akubic has outsourced the production of its sensor hardware to Taiwanese manufacturers in order to concentrate on sales, marketing and R&D. Currently, Akubic is showing strong sales momentum and investor interest.

Customer Selection

APTG 亞太電信
Hydean Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. 瀚頂
Nan Tsan Co., Ltd. 南璋
ITRI 工研院