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Founded in 2012, StretchSense are the creators of unique soft and stretchy sensors, such as those used in their MoCap Pro Glove – the world’s leading device for hand and finger motion capture.


StretchSense is the emerging global leader in the rapidly wearable sensor technology industry. The company’s core business is to create soft and stretchy hi-tech sensors that can be stitched/glued into clothing to make “smart clothes”. These sensors measure and provide precision motion information about the human body, emotion or how the body is interacting with devices.

Wearable smart technologies has huge global market potiential. StretchSense sensor technology is increasingly being viewed as more reliable, robust, accurate and less obtrusive than alternative solutions offered. The company is focusing on three verticals covering motion capture studios, industry applications, and premium gaming glove technology, seeking to providing reliable and accurate hand movement data.

Founded in 2012 by Auckland University students Todd Gisby and Benjamin O’Brien, plus bioengineering associate professor Iain Anderson, StretchSense is now established with offices in New Zealand and the US.

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